Bundle of 5 Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

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No one likes having yellow teeth. It's embarrassing, and depending upon how frequently you drink coffee or wine, or smoke or eat candy - your teeth can reflect ALL of your bad habits.

Pitch-black powder to whiten your teeth? Yes! Activated charcoal is the secret ingredient. It's an oxidized version of charcoal and can be used to effectively whiten teeth. It removes external stains from your teeth without the toxic chemical ingredients used in commercial tooth whitening. This tooth whitening promotes good oral health and can change the pH in the mouth, helping to reduce things that cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

Bamboo Charcoal Powder is a 100% Natural Teeth Whitener. It naturally whitens & polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth without any chemicals and added nasties. All by simply dipping a wet toothbrush into the fine, odourless and tasteless black dust. Brush in small gentle circles for two minutes. Spit it out carefully, rinse really well and you’re done. Your mouth will feel amazingly clean…..

  • NATURAL & ORGANIC - it's all natural & organic and doesn't haves any harsh chemicals. Zero side effects and doesn't make your teeth sensitive like the traditional teeth whiteners.
  • REMOVE TARTAR & STAINS - A lot of people use this to remove stains on their teeth from coffee, red wine drinkers to smokers. It make your teeth clean & smooth in two minutes like you just get back from a cleaning at the dentist office, but with zero pain or sensitivity.
  • QUICK RESULTS - You can see difference after your first time using this. Keep using twice a day and your teeth will be noticeably smoother, brighter & whiter. They are day by day getting much whiter!
  • WORKS GREAT - Brushing your teeth for two minutes with the charcoal is the fastest & simplest teeth whitening method. There's no residue, and no goopy or sticky gels, it works better than teeth bleach (with 35%+ peroxide) and Zoom. Your teeth will feel super clean and brighter after using it.
  • NO TASTE - This product does NOT have a nasty taste when you apply or an after taste.

 ***Super  Savings - Bundle of 5 Bamboo Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Included: 5 X 30ml tubs of Bamboo Charcoal Powder (approx 5 months supply)




Does it damage enamel/what is the rating?

No it doesn't damage tooth enamel. Charcoal has been used for centuries to absorb and clean toxins from the body; including stains on teeth and general oral hygiene. The charcoal powder is fine, with a RDA rating of value of 68 which is the same as standard toothpaste . However our charcoal powder is 100% natural

Can you use a regular toothbrush?

Yes certainly! However your bristles will darken from the charcoal

Will it stain my braces?

No it won't after rinsing a few times your braces will be like normal!